Bakersfield Burrito Project celebrates five year anniversary

Volunteers celebrate with 20 foot 11 inch burrito

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Bakersfield Burrito Project  has provided a hot meal to those less fortunate every Sunday for the last five years and on its special day volunteers created one big burrito.

"We're all human beings. We all know what hunger is and the big burrito is the best way to fix that," said Jason Rickett with the Bakersfield Burrito Project.

The Bakersfield Burrito Project serves the community providing hot meals at various parks once a week.

"We need to raise awareness of the hunger and homeless community here in town.  We are out there every single Sunday making sure they get fed an as long as everybody can kind of see they're all human beings, we are here partying and enjoying each other with the homeless community," he said.

An average of two hundred burritos are made and delivered to those less fortunate every week.  Volunteers pack each burrito in aluminum foil and are passed out with water and hygiene products.

"I was amazed. It's a nice thing. It looks good and I'm glad to be here," said Carlos Cooral of Bakersfield.

In celebration of its anniversary, volunteers are getting the help from community, city and county leaders to create one big burrito.

"They have really blossomed into something that has become a bed rock in this community.  Feeding people, taking care of our brothers and sisters and being each other's keepers, it's really a remarkable community effort and I'm so grateful to be a part of it," said Leticia Perez, Kern County Board of Supervisors.

The 20 foot 11 inch burrito helped feed several people. Leaders with the organization say with the continued support from the community they will be able to work on an ever bigger one next time around.

"There's a commitment here to feed these folks, they have become family to each other which is so beautiful and its just really nice to come together for the right reason and to be positive and spread love, which is contagious," she said.


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