Bakersfield businesses forced to give up property for Rosedale Highway expansion

Expansion will add two lanes onto Highway 58

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Cal Trans is due to begin a 39 million dollar highway expansion that will add two more lanes onto Rosedale Highway, forcing businesses along the route to give up their property. 

"Basically they claim that they want to take away five feet from our frontage," said Mandi Armstrong, an employee of Sam Moore's Automotive in Northwest Bakersfield. 

Sam Moore's is a family business that has been around for over 30 years, and they are occupying a building along Rosedale that was built over a 100 years ago. 

They were recently asked to give up five feet of their land so that Cal Trans could build sidewalk, and while five feet might not seem like a lot, to them, it could cost their business. 

"On paper it really doesn't look like much, but when you take into consideration the sidewalk and the driveways they want to put in, they are taking away all the parking spaces," said Armstrong. 

Jose Camarena, of Cal Trans, says their project will be an "overall increase of safety not only to businesses but to their clients and the community in general."

Sam Moore's says that they have no way of fighting this project so they are just hoping that their business and the customers can adjust. 

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