Bakersfield car dealerships fight to bring in business during summer heat

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The winter weather froze car sales for dealerships in the East Coast and Midwest and now some Bakersfield dealerships are having to deal with same problem when it comes to the heat. 

Eric French, general manager at BMW Bakersfield explains that at any given time about 3 percent of the population is looking into buying a new car. 

As temperatures near the 100's, dealerships in the area are pulling out all the stops to get customers into their lots. 

"We actually go get the car pull it up turn the ac on turn it on make sure its cool so the customer doesn't have to endure the heat, we'll endure that for them," French said. 

French said while car sales are relatively steady the summer heat can bring in more serious customer. 

"They research more online in the comfort of their own home--they get the details of the car before they actually get to the dealership so it saves them time," French said. 

In the past potential buyers would visit up to four dealership before making a purchase, but these day most buyers will over visit an about one. 


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