Bakersfield CHP offers class to help senior drivers stay safe on the roads

Class offered for senior citizen drivers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - There are over 33 million licensed drivers that are ages 65 and over in the United States. While driving helps seniors stay mobile and independent, there's an alarming number of them getting into accidents every year.

About 500 senior citizens are injured every day in car crashes, so CHP officers are offering local classes for seniors to brush up on their driving skills with their "Age Well, Drive Smart Program."

The day-long course will remind seniors of the key safety rules of the roads, and that it's okay to not drive excessively.

The CDC reports that nearly 200,000 seniors are injured in car accidents every year, and 6,000 of them are fatal. Studies also show that fatal crash rates increase for drivers that are over 80.

The next "Age Well, Drive Smart" class for seniors will be on Feb. 26th and you can call the Bakersfield CHP office for details.


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