Bakersfield City and Panama-Buena last-year students may not be re-districted

Student redistricting may not impact all kids

Parents have expressed their concerns over re-districting within the Panama-Buena Vista Union and Bakersfield City School Districts.

The superintendent of the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District says they will re-locate about 6-percent of their students, and most of them will be dispersed throughout schools in the west-end of their district.

Leaders at Bakersfield City say they will be transferring students to the new schools that will be built in the north-east area of their district.

"We have critically overcrowded schools on one part of the town, and under-utilized classrooms in another part of town- we have to do something," said Panama-Vista Superintendent Dr. Kevin Silberberg.

"Part of the reason we're doing this is to help bring students to their neighborhood schools where we can," said Bakersfield City's Steve McClain.

But some parents have specifically moved to certain neighborhoods, such as University Park, to make sure they get into Stockdale Elementary.

"I respectfully ask that the boundary be reconsidered for University Park," said parent Ramon Avala.

Officials at Bakersfield City say students that are going into their last year at schools will have first priority with transfer requests. The requests depend on the amount of free space at each school, and are not guaranteed.


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