Bakersfield City Council votes to approve litter clean-up crews from Bakersfield Homeless Center

Crews will train with Mayor Hall Friday

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Bakersfield City Council has approved a plan to put the city's homeless population to work picking up trash along the side of local freeways.

Council members voted Wednesday night to use crews from the Bakersfield Homeless Center to clean up litter.

Trash has been an on-going problem along local freeways for several months.

Prison inmates had been used to clean trash from along local roads, but the service stopped after Shafter Community Corrections Facility was closed and the CalTrans contract ended.

Under the new plan, the city will use a $250,000 grant from Cal Trans, along with funding from the Kern Council of Governments and private sponsorships, to fund the program.

Six people from the homeless center will be hired to work five days a week at minimum wage, but officials hope to alternate three crews throughout the week.  Bakersfield Mayor Harvey Hall told 23ABC the program could expand with more private sponsorships.

“I'm always excited to do things that make a positive impact on the less fortunate persons in our community and certainly this is one,” said Mayor Harvey Hall.

Mayor Hall will train with workers on Friday, with crews beginning work on Monday, May 6th.

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