Bakersfield City leaders plan to proclaim July 'Park and Recreation' Month

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - July is national Park and Recreation Month and for close to thirty years cities across the country have celebrated in their own way.

The City of Bakersfield is inviting families to go out and enjoy all features offered at area parks.

During the hot summer months, people can cool off at one of nine city spray parks or four of the city pools.

The Park and Recreation Department also invites people to enjoy a bike ride along the Kern River Parkway or take the dog to a leash free area.

"It's calm, it's not a lot of noise and its not a lot of ruckus so, while you're having a piece of mind, the kids are enjoying themselves being as loud as they can possibly can but at a distance so, its still soothing," said Tatianna of Bakersfield.

On Wednesday, Bakersfield leaders plan to officially proclaim it "Park and Recreation" Month.


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