Bakersfield City School District approves provision for cyber bullying

New policy could go into effect next week

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Bakersfield City School District passed a new provision Tuesday night that would protect students against cyber bullying.


The change to the district's current policy about cyber bullying will give schools the authority to take disciplinary action against students who engage in any type of electronic bullying that poses a threat to school safety. Now, instead of only being able to take action when a student is on campus or heading to and from school, officials can take immediate action when the cyber bullying occurs.


"It's a substantial concern because it's related to a variety of safety measures. We haven't had a lot of occurrences that have been substantiated but nonetheless it's part of our broader effort to make sure we have a positive school climate," Randall Ranes, a Bakersfield City School District board member, said.


Cyber bullying is an issue that has increased in recent months, including a text message threat at a Taft middle school earlier this month.


"Not only are they able to physically bully each other and intimate others at the school site or where they hang out, but they are also able to follow each other on the social network and continue to bullying,"  William Haywood with Ebony Counseling Center said.


The new provision could go into place as early as next week.


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