Bakersfield College gets renovated bookstore after years of construction, remodeling

Students: It's cleaner

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A newly renovated book store is getting a lot of attention after a few years of construction.

There are many thing Ryan Dixon is already noticing at the newly renovated book store on the campus of Bakersfield College.

"It's a lot cleaner," said Dixon.

And with a different look, comes new and improved service.

"It's a lot bigger so students can get their books faster and it makes students be proud to go to BC rather than be in some crappy old school store," said Dixon.

The new BC book store took school leaders a little more time than expected to have it up and running.

"We had to wait for CSH regulations and different things to find our limitations in terms of remodeling or any type of structural changes," said store GM, Brian Giffin.

Store leaders said the renovation happened in four stages over a four week period.

"The island that we had before the remodel was an eyesore and it made an obstruction of the whole book store, so now it is more like a regular Barnes and Noble where the registers are all on the side and very departmentalize and everything is easier to navigate," said Giffin.

The change, students said, is overdue.

"They are kind of surprised when they walk in because everything is new and they don't know where things are," said Sytlalik Toledo.

The book store which is also open to the community gives visitors a new appreciation for reading and motivates students to perform better in class.

"Now we have more shelves to keep things more organized and clean, also they made more space for the text books, which makes more things more easier to put out since there is more space," said Sytlalik.

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