Bakersfield College setting the example for conservation

Bakersfield College conserves water and energy

New mandatory statewide water restrictions are in effect this morning, and a local college campus is hoping to set the example for water conservation.
Bakersfield College has spent over $10 million on conservation efforts, which includes new plumbing, and more efficient water pipes. 
"One of the biggest ones we've put in is a 1.1 megawatt solar field that went in over one of our parking lots and actually offsets a significant amount of the college's power," said Bakersfield College's Amber Chiang.
And beyond the solar panels, new ways to save include a 680-thousand gallon tank that cools water at night, to pump to the buildings on campus-- it also doubles as an AC unit.
"Air coolers blow over those cold pipes, and air conditions our buildings, using water, and it recycles throughout the day, and moves around campus until it's cooled again at night," said Chiang. 

The efforts began around 2008 with the passage of a safety repair bond, and are also being funded by grants-- so the cost of these upgrades will not impact a student's education.

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