Bakersfield Families of Multiples hosted event for parents with twins, triplets and more

April is Multiple Birth Awareness month

BAKERSFIELD - In honor of April being Multiple Birth Awareness Month, the Bakersfield Families of Multiples a non profit club, hosted a free event today for Kern County families with twin, triplets, quads or more to come out and meet other local multiples.

For some parents the hardest part of raising multiples is adapting to having more than one kid all of a sudden.
"The logistics of it," Donna Snyder said. "Carrying two car seats and fitting it all in the car. Literally it is twice as much stuff." 
Donna and her husband Bill have twins that are almost 3-years-old. They said by the time you find out you will be having twins, it is almost too late to prepare.
Through the Bakersfield Families of Multiples group though they have been able to find other families in their same situation.
"I was surprised," Donna said. "There is actually quite a few. You don't realize until you have them that you know people that have them already. You didn't know the struggle that they were going through."
Beth Tudor was also at today's event. She has her hands full with 11-year-old triplets. She has been a member of this local group for 10 years now.
"The best part of this group is just the camaraderie that we have among the families," Tudor said. "The kids get to see each other when they come together and form friendships. The moms form friendships with each other. It becomes a really important resource for us."
Today's event was hosted at My Gym from 12 - 3 p.m.
More information on the Bakersfield Families of Multiples can be foud here:
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