Bakersfield family brings game of Monopoly to life

BAKESFIELD, Calif. - The game of Monopoly came to life in a Bakersfield backyard, Sunday. 

The board game was put together by Annette Ullrich and her son Dallon, who thought it would be interesting to build after seeing it done online. 

"He thought hey this would be really neat and was like 'mom, what do you think?' and I said that it would be awesome," Ullrich said. 

The board was made to look exactly  like an authentic Monopoly board. Some of the pieces were free handed to make them as similar as possible. 

The project was originally a family affair, but once neighbors heard about it, Ullrich said they wanted to help. 

"A neighbor and her sister came and stenciled letters, so yeah, it's been a team project for about two and a half months," Ullrich said. 

Neighbors came together, Sunday, to test their luck at the game, but what they found to be the most fun was getting to meet everyone. 

"It's a great opportunity for people to come together and enjoy each others company," said Bruce Rimmer, who was not playing to well. 
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