Bakersfield Fire: Over 700 lbs of illegal fireworks confiscated over the 4th of July weekend

Over 100 citations given out

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The sights and sounds of 4th of July fireworks may be over but the damage from illegal fireworks still remain.

According to Bakersfield Fire Battalion Chief Danny Brown, over 700 pounds of illegal fireworks were confiscated this holiday weekend along with over 100 citations.

"We also had 31 fires this year on the 4th of July which is a really high number for us," Brown said.

One southwest Bakersfield home was damaged after illegal aerial fireworks lit the roof on fire, leaving one elderly couple homeless.

"This was the worst year. It was like a war zone," one resident said.

Brown said there were also other roof fires and palm tree fires that left several people injured.

"The amount of damage that was caused this year due to illegal fireworks was completely avoidable," Brown said.

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