Bakersfield Firefighter Relief Association hosts annual trout fishing derby

Weekend event raises money for a good cause



Hundreds of people competed for top prize at this year’s Trout Fishing Derby.  It’s a chance for fisherman of all ages to show off their skills and it was all for a good cause.

Luke Galagaza, 13, is a little bit more patient than other young people his age and he owes it all to the sport of fishing, a hobby he says anyone can do.

“I think it’s for all ages because you can start young and you can even bring it when you’re older.  I mean it’s fun for everybody,” he said.

Youth from all over Kern County signed up to be part of the firefighters relief association’s trout fishing derby.

“It’s so cool because you get to have fun and you can fun with all these firemen out here. I like the feeling when you catch that first fish,” said Galagaza.

More than two thousand fish were dumped into the water and for many people taking part in this year’s event it’s more than just catching them.

“It’s like a big joy to be with your family and have spend some more time with them,” said Kobe Sepeda, 12, of Bakersfield.

“It’s nice spending time with your dad,” said Marissa Hall of Bakersfield.

Hall caught her trout in a personal record 30 seconds after her fishing pole reached the water.

“Just watching everybody is fun.  We’re watching different fish and seeing how all the kids, they have fun doing it,” said Hall.

The sizes for the fish range between ten to 14 inches and the young fisherman are able to cash out as organizers tag some of the trout for prizes.

“The reason the Bakersfield Firefighter Relief Association puts this on every year, it’s a wonderful event.  We sponsor 14 children out of the Jameson Center, the Unicorn Center and those kids, currently in foster care and they come out here and have a good time,” said Anthony Galagaza of the Bakersfield Fire Department.

And knowing how to fish is something organizers say is not required.

“Fishing is a skill and a fun sport and they are learning something new,” he said.

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