Bakersfield firefighters training for accidents in confined spaces

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Dozens of Bakersfield and Kern County firefighters are preparing to save a life by going five stories underground in a confined space drill.

Firefighters met at two different locations Wednesday night for the drill. The firefighters were lowered underground at part of the Bakersfield Wastewater Plant to rescue a dummy trapped underground.

The crews were forced to overcome different challenges like working with very little light, no cell phone signals or radio signals.

“The thing about confined spaces is they often have multiple hazards that can confront a firefighter. They have hazardous atmosphere and many times they're in spaces that are small or configured in such a way that can trap a firefighter,” said Battalion Training Chief Bill Ballard.

The confined space drill is just one of the drills the Bakersfield Fire Department uses to train crews for rescue missions.

Firefighters say incidents in confined spaces don't happen often, but when they do firefighters must be ready to take action.

" Usually they're outcomes that are not favorable to the victim involved and so the better we become at these the better chance they have at survival."

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