Bakersfield group creates new app to help people save money on pizza

My Slice app is free and easy to use

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Bakersfield group is helping people save lots of money while enjoying that universal food everyone is used to eating.  It’s a slice of heaven now just a download away.

Finding that perfect pie, at an affordable price is now easier than ever thanks to four friends who all enjoy the taste of a delicious slice of pizza.

“We want the people of Kern County to know that we want this to work here. We wanted to benefit it them. We love our community and we want to help people in anyway that we can,” said David Castro with My Slice.

The guys developed a new app called My Slice, a one-stop shop for everything pizza, from finding restaurants to enjoying a good deal.

“We’ve been working on it for months and months and months out, countless hours trying to come up with how its going to look, the design, the layout, the symbols, everything it took a lot of effort,” said Daniel Palacios, who helped develop the idea.

The app is free to download and only available for Kern County.  Now, the guys are not making any profits but are bringing people and businesses together.

“Everyone is so busy with jobs, with work, with family, we don’t have time to go on each pizza parlor’s website or through the phone number and look at coupons. Now there’s this convenient way where you can localize every single deal in town,” said Carlos Hernandez of My Slice.

While the app offers exclusive deals for customers, it’s the pizza parlors, many of which are locally run, that benefit from this free service.

“We have like a lot of regular customers and I think it’s going to really help us bring in new customers. We’re a small business so anything usually helps,” said Danielle Rodeen, assistant manager of Cubbies Pizza Parlor.

The guys developed the app late last year.  They hope to share their love for pizza with other app-users, and maybe even someday taking it to bigger cities around the country.

“Right now, the way things develop now a days is through social media, Facebook is huge because we can’t reach every person on a one-on-one basis so we use Facebook, we use Instagram and that’s how we’re reaching people that we normally wouldn’t reach,” said Ruben Contreras of My Slice.


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