Bakersfield has second fastest job growth rate for young workers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The job market hasn’t been kind to young people across the country, but more millennials are finding jobs in Bakersfield.

25-year-old Joseph Zasoski is a project leader at Ordiz-Melby Architects Inc. Zasoski  told 23ABC he is one of several millennials working for his company.

“At our firm within the last six months to a year I'd say we've hired on 3 to 4 people and over the last two years 7 to 8 individuals have come on,” said Zasoski.

More young people like Zasoski are becoming a part of the workforce in Bakersfield.

According to Forbes and new data from a Career Builder company, Bakersfield has the second fastest job growth rate for millennials among the largest 175 metro areas.

30 percent of all the workers in Bakersfield are millenials, which are people between the ages of 22 and 34.

Only Eastern Washington State has seen higher growth.

“We've always done well with the 30 plus age group, but it's good news to see we are competing for millennials and jobs for the future,” said Richard Chapman, President and CEO of Kern Economic Development Corporation.

Agricultural jobs spurred most of the job growth, but more millennials are also finding math, science, architecture and engineering jobs.

"It's good that our industries are maturing and providing the younger generations jobs,” said Chapman.

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