Bakersfield High School students are learning a valuable lesson during annual PowderPuff Game

Students raise money during annual game

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A long time tradition at Bakersfield High School is bringing many people in the community together and it’s all for a good cause.

Juniors and seniors at BHS are learning what's it’s like being outside their comfort zone all while spreading the important message of acceptance.          

Cambria Bank waited all school year for this moment.

"You learn sportsmanship. You learn teamwork and integrity, and you learn to trust your team," she said.

Powderpuff is a long-standing tradition at Bakerfield High School where the juniors and seniors play a friendly game of flag football except the roles are reversed.

The boys are cheering, while the girls get to show off their moves on the field.

"You get to be tough.  You learn to get rough and really fight for what you want," said Bank.

Students raise money for school activities, while also bringing awareness of the importance of accepting people with different beliefs.  

"They are learning to just be yourself and have a good time without feeling like maybe there is some stigma associated with the way you dress," said Anna Lovan, school activities director.

The game can be fiercely competitive among grade levels, but students say it’s all in good spirits.

"BHS, we are really accepting so this is more, that we do for fun and we're just here to have fun really," said Scott Salters, senior with Bakersfield High School.

The real cheerleaders practiced with the boys for their big moment in the spotlight, while the real football players helped coach the girls…with each student appreciating each other even more.

"Practice is hard work.  I kind of underestimate the girls during the season and then you get out here and there’s a lot of lifting, running and there's a lot of team work involved because when you toss someone up in their air you're putting their lives in your hands so it’s got pressure filled," he said.

In case you're wondering, the girls from the senior team ended up winning over the girls on the junior team.

The final score 20 to 6.

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