Bakersfield Homeless Center awarded $50k

The Bakersfield Homeless Center was recently notified by the Bakersfield Californian Foundation of an award of $50,000 to assist with the purchase of vehicles to provide transportation for four work crews of six individuals each.

In order to receive these funds, the foundation has asked that the shelter obtain $50,000 in matching funds by March 1, 2014.  

BHC’s mission is to provide support and resources to families and individuals in crisis while helping them to achieve their highest level of self-sufficiency.

The BHC Job Development Program has a proven success record of providing entry level opportunities allowing homeless or at risk individuals to achieve stable employment and housing.  

In 2009, BHC contracted with the City of Bakersfield to provide a crew of six individuals to work at the City’s Green Waste Recycling Facility.  

The crew proved so successful; in 2013 the city once again approached BHC to provide workers to clean highways and ramps within the city limits.  

As of today, these crews have removed over 196 tons of refuse from our highways. In September 2013, the City of Bakersfield added a third contract with BHC to provide workers to care for homeless animals at the City’s Animal Care Shelter.

As a part of the Job Development Program, workers are transported to and from work sites each day since many of the employees do not own a vehicle.  

The receipt of these funds would enable BHC to purchase two 8 passenger vans to be shared by its three work programs, along with a six passenger extended cab truck and a 12 foot landscaping trailer needed by the highway clean-up crews.  

Employment through the Job Development Program has enabled employees to quickly begin the steps toward self-sufficiency.

Anyone wishing to help the center meet the challenge can call the Bakersfield Homeless Center at 661-322-9199.


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