Bakersfield Homeless Center teams with Caltrans to clean up homeless encampment

Crews cleaned up camps on Highway 178

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Bakersfield Homeless Center teamed up with Caltrans to clean up several homeless encampments around the city, Tuesday. 

The effort is giving many from the homeless community a second chance to start over.

Several bags of trash along with mattresses and a bike were taken out of a camp from a ramp on Highway 178.

"It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. It's very rewarding at the end, because once you are done, it's all clean and it looks nice," said Breeanna Ledesma, a Bakersfield Homeless Shelter resident. 

Some of the residents from the Homeless Shelter said they understand why some people choose a life on the street. 

"A lot of people do stay out here for the simple fact that they are under the influence or addicted to drugs  or alcohol," said Jessica Rodriguez who helped clean up the camps today. 

Although they said that helping to put their lives back together isn't impossible and many have already started to build resume experience through their work on the streets. 

"The whole point of this is work force reentry. These are folks who haven't been able to get hired. We need to give people the opportunity to earn their way again," said Louis Gill with the Bakersfield Homeless Center. 

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