Bakersfield kids make sure 'no butt' is left behind

Kids have collected over 6K cigarette butts

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - One group of students at Freedom Middle School in Rosedale took a stance on tobacco use and made a difference to keep public parks clean from cigarette butt littering.

The 'No Butts Left Behind Project' is designed to raise community awareness about cigarette butts littering and its impact on the environment.

Freedom Middle School student council and Safe Schools Ambassador's members were involved in a project this morning and collected over 600 cigarette butts that were left behind to harm the environment.

"I think that people shouldn't be allowed to smoke in restaurants or in public places like a park, even though they still do," said Student Council Vice President Courtney Kaia.  "I think that we should make a difference about it."

Since the project started, the group has collected over 3,600 cigarette butts from three local parks in Bakersfield.

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