Bakersfield area man mistakenly gets $15k from Florida based supermarket

Check was meant for supermarket's landlord

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An Oildale man contacted 23ABC after he received a huge sum of money into his checking account.

Cliff Renaud, a retired veteran who lives on a fixed income, looked at his account last night online and found out he had over $15,000 deposited.

He immediately contacted the bank to alert them of the error.

Apparently, a clerical error from a chase bank teller in Florida caused the problem.

The check was a rent payment for a supermarket in Florida to their landlord. The landlord endorsed and deposited the check into their chase account, but somehow Renaud, all the way in Bakersfield, got the money.

23ABC has contacted Chase corporate offices to find out exactly how the clerical error happened.

At first Renuad didn't know if it was a scam or somehow a gift. He is familiar with giving gifts.

Every holiday season for more than 20 years Renaud has been a local Santa here in Bakersfield.

He jokingly told 23 ABC that he was going to use the money and buy gifts for needy kids this Christmas, but in all seriousness, he knew it was a mistake and wanted to give the money back to the right person.

Tropic Save Supermarket in Florida was grateful that Renaud alerted the bank about the mistake.

The supermarket manager said they couldn't afford to pay the rent a second time and was concerned they would have defaulted on their rent payment.

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