Bakersfield music school teaches toddlers musical concepts and how to play piano

School teaches kids as young as 16-months-old


The Harmony Road Music School offers music lessons for children of all ages from tots to teens.
In each lesson children experience a variety of musical concepts through activities like singing, moving to music, playing with rhythm instruments, and keyboard training. 
"With the earlier kids it helps them with movement and body awareness and following directions," said Rebecca Spickler who was once a student at Harmony Road but is now a teacher.  
The different activities at the school not only teach the students music concepts but also everyday life skills.
"We're getting them to experience different musical concepts and also, they're learning how to share, how to take turns and learning how to listen to someone besides their parent giving them instructions," said Miss Hawley the owner of Harmony Road.   
One of the unique factors about the harmony road music school is they actually include piano activities for students as young as 16-months-old.
Separating the school from others, a parent participates in all classes, encouraging a sharing atmosphere that influences the Childs musical growth. 
"It's very different from when I had piano lessons as a child when my mom would take me to my piano teacher's house dropped me off and picked me back up again," Hawley added. 
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