Bakersfield music venue becomes a church

Official opening of the Cross Christian Church

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Bakersfield music venue is now officially a place of worship. The Cross Christian Church made it official Sunday as people celebrated the opening of the church at The Dome.

For Cross Christian Community Church it was all about building a community.

"We had our official ribbon cutting ceremony. We are very excited to dedicate this building to God as well as having it as open forum for individuals in Bakersfield beyond what we do on Sunday. We want to do something for the community everyday," said Pastor Toure' Tyler of Cross Christian Church.

Mayor Harvey Hall and Assemblyman Rudy Salas attended the ribbon cutting.

"The best part of today for me is just seeing people come together to make a difference. Having people come together to worship, having people come together to make a difference, not only in their neighborhoods, but the community as a whole. I think Kern County and Bakersfield is going to be better off for it," Salas said.

The Cross Christian Church said it wants to make positive changes in Bakersfield and impact the lives of the congregation. 

"What we have been called on to do here in this area is to expand church and not just allow it to be a Sunday experience, but an everyday experience. So with that there will be some after school programs. We are also opening our doors to do some volunteerism and make sure the community knows that we can feed here. Every fourth Saturday we have a feeding the flock experience."


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