Bakersfield Neighborhood riddled with theft, thinks they are being watched

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Bakersfield woman says she feels “raped” Thursday after a string of thefts rocked her Southwest Bakersfield neighborhood over the past few months.

BPD says there were 26 theft related crimes in the last six months within a half-mile radius of South's home.

Christy South says she and her husband walked out of their house two weeks ago and saw their brand new truck sitting on bricks with the tires gone.

“It’s just a disgusting feeling,” South said. She said that her and her husband have three kids and work hard for the things they buy and feel like they are helpless with the thefts.

Other neighbors feel the same way. A couple who lives across the street from the Souths said they had their toy hauler with their customized go kart stolen, all of which cost them over $20,000. This meant her husband had to stop his hobby of racing.

They said the neighborhood was a quiet one and in their 14 years of living there that they never experienced crime until this year.

South says other neighbors had car batteries stolen out of their campers and a couple homes were broken into, one while they were on vacation. South says all of their claims were posted online to Bakersfield Police Department but says nothing has been done.

South said she moved to this neighborhood to get away from crime. “Our [old] neighbor ended up being the Southwest Predator,” South said this was a man who assaulted young women in the area.

South’s neighbors have resorted to buying extra security equipment, like cameras which cost them about $600 after losing thousands.

Sergeant Joe Grubbs, Spokesman for BPD, says the security equipment is a good way to help their investigations.

"We'll do the work for you if we have something to go on," Grubbs said. 

South says it’s another expense that could go toward things like groceries and a college fund for her kids.


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