Bakersfield Nutrition Store is helping people kick start their summer fitness plans

Stores holds annual health and fitness BBQ

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Bakersfield Nutrition Store is helping people jump start their summer fitness plans by providing the community with the proper knowledge of nutrition.

Bakersfield Sports Nutrition in southwest Bakersfield organized a community BBQ.

Many vendors and fitness enthusiast were on hand to learn more about proper exercise and nutrition.

People visiting the event had the chance to take advantage of the store's special deals on supplements.

The store off of Gosford opened two years ago and owners say this event is a way to help get community members ready for a summer filled with plenty of physical activity.                    

“It's kind of a chance to give back to customers and it's not really about making profit as much as it is promoting general fitness and the healthy lifestyle and what it takes to accomplish that," said Jerry Teixpira of The Bakersfield Nutrition Store.

Owners with Bakersfield Sports Nutrition say the community-wide event takes place every year right before the summer season begins.

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