Bakersfield parents protest proposed Panama Buena Vista School District boundary changes

Parents are 'angry'

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Panama Buena Vista School District is in the midst of possibly changing its boundary lines.

And that has many parents angry.

Parents gathered at a school for a couple hours collecting signatures to stop the proposed boundary changes for a long list of reasons.

Signature after signature, parents at McAuliffe Elementary School are hopign to stop the proposed school district boundary changes.

"We're requesting that they stop the vote tomorrow night," said parent Melissa Bryniarski. "That they not approve this until some more analysis can be done."

The school district is proposing to shuffle around nearly 1,200 students to ease overpopulation and ensure even distribution of students to all its schools.

McAuliffe parent Melissa Bryniarski said the problem is how the district is doing it.

"They're proposing to remove 44 percent of McAullif's population."

McAuliff is one of the school's with the fewest students.  Assistant Superintendent Gerry Kincaid said officials are looking at the bigger picture.

"While some are moving out a larger number is moving in, so there's more to that piece of the puzzle," said Kincaid.

"We don't understand why they would remove 196 students from a neighborhood that's closer to our school and replace them with 277 students that are further away from our school," said a parent.

Instead of removing students, Bryniarski suggests simply adding students from other overpopulated schools. Parents also said they were not notified soon enough.

"They gave us very little time to respond to the proposed changes.  We were notified on May 2, and we were given basically ten days to respond and analyze the data," said a parent.

But Kincaid said some parents knew as early as November.

"They were made aware through the parent club parent groups because each school provided to us a representative on the advisory council so they've been involved from the beginning in a representative way," said Kincaid.

A decision is set to be made tomorrow night at 7 p.m. during the board meeting at the district office on Ashe Road.


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