Bakersfield parents, workers, community members to protest low wages at McDonald's

Protestors want $15 per hour wage

As thousands of fast food workers go on strike across the nation, working people in Bakersfield will protest against low wages at the McDonald’s on Stockdale at California, one of many actions in 100 cities across the country to support the growing movement for a $15 per hour wage for fast food jobs and the right to form a union without retaliation.

The protest in Bakersfield is one of many actions in cities across the country in support of the fast-food worker movement that started last November with 200 workers striking in New York City. The movement has grown steadily since then with strikes spreading to seven cities in the spring and fast-food workers in 60 cities going on strike on Aug. 29. 

“All working parents should earn enough money to pay for their kid’s basic necessities including food, quality child care and a safe place to live” said Gloria Baez, a child care provider in Bakersfield. “The truth is these poverty wages at McDonalds are keeping California’s children poor, at the end the day it’s the families of these workers and our communities who pay price of these low wages. Shame on these corporations for creating poverty in our communities!”

Nationally, the median wage for cooks, cashiers and crew at fast-food restaurants is just $8.94 an hour.


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