Bakersfield pastor wants methodist church to support same-sex marriage

Movement being led by retired pastors

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Bakersfield pastor along with 82 other pastors have started a movement to change the way same-sex marriage is viewed in the Methodist church. 

Reverend John Corson, an ex-Methodist pastor, said that it is largely tradition that keeps the United Methodist Church rooted in its stance on same sex marriage. 

"Sometimes the church is more interested in defending the past and is intimidated by the unknown of the future," Corson said. 

The movement is being led by retired pastors because they want to take the burden off of active pastors in the church who support same-sex marriage.

According to Corson, these pastors could risk losing their ministries if they speak out. 

"We will stand out in front and we will support the active clergy who are still appointed to churches, because for them there is more at stake," Corson said. 

Although by speaking out against the church, Corson said he could face getting pension and benefits, which he currently receives, taken away.


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