Bakersfield police are seeing a spike in daytime home break-ins

Daytime home burglaries become growing problem

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Home burglaries are on the rise but 23ABC sat down with the Bakersfield Police Department to find out what you can do to make sure your home isn't the next target.

You've got power in numbers when you live in a neighborhood, BPD Sgt. Joe Grubbs explained, "most of our arrests are made by neighbors calling in."

But if thieves still strike, there are apps to retrieve your pricey possessions.

"There's a lot of apps that will locate your device if it gets stolen, those are getting more and more popular and they're successful for us", Grubbs said.

These home break-ins are reportedly rampant all across Kern County, with only one common criteria... unoccupied.

""They're just looking for those residence where people are working for a living they're trying to maintain a nice home and everything else that takes a job and they're away from their house during the day", Grubbs said.

Police also want to remind you the importance of a good burglary alarm to deter any potential thieves and you are encouraged to call whenever you see anything suspicious in your neighborhod.

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