Bakersfield police: Aaron Burris wore wig after pot shop double-homicide

Burris tells family he 'killed two people'

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - More details regarding the arrest of Aaron Burris, the suspect in the double-homicide, were released today.

According to the police report released by the Bakersfield Police Department, Burris had been wearing a wig after he allegedly killed 23-year-old Devin Daniels and 55-year-old Tony Sherman in the First Reliable medical marijuana collective on Chester Avenue in July.

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The police report said according to Burris' daughter, Nicole's, statement to her sister, when Burris arrived to her house he 'had a wig on his head' and when her sister asked her what kind of wig, she said 'it was black.' When her sister, identified as Kaniesha, asked her if it was like women's hair, she said it was.

According to Kaniesha, Burris had told Nicole that there 'people were after him' and later revealed he 'had killed two people'. When Nicole asked where the killings happened, Burris reportedly said 'the pot shop'.

During the interview with Burris, police said he kept saying 'I don't know' to a majority of questions being asked by police.

At one point, police said they showed Burris a still photograph from the video surveillance and asked him who the person in the image was. At that point, Burris said 'I don't know', but officers told him that the 'big tattoo on the side of your neck [is] the same tattoo that's on your neck right now.' To which, Burris did not reply.

To read the 14-pages of the 172 page police report, click here:


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