Bakersfield police crack down on school zone speeders


The Bakersfield Police Department is cracking down on drivers who speed in school zones.

This comes after a 23 ABC report on the issue plaguing a Northwest Bakersfield neighborhood.

Several officers were out patrolling the area near Norris Elementary School Thursday morning.

“This morning the Bakersfield Police Department did issue four citations for speeders near Norris Elementary School,” said Public Information Officer Michaela Beard.

All four drivers were caught within thirty minutes and Beard told 23 ABC they were going between 35 and 37 miles per hour. The speed limit in a school zone is 25 miles per hour.

Another officer was back in Northwest Bakersfield Thursday afternoon looking for speeders in front of Patriot Elementary school.

"We want our community to be safe and it's really important that drivers travel under the speed limit especially in school zones so that they can be aware of their surroundings,” said Beard.

The Rosedale Union School District Superintendent released a statement to 23 ABC that said “We have been actively monitoring the issue on Old Farm road and assessing the option to have another crossing guard on Old Farm. Safety is the utmost priority for us and we will do what is needed to ensure that. We have great cooperation with law enforcement and always are evaluating areas to ensure that safety."

Some parents told 23 ABC they would like a yellow cross walk and crossing guard at the intersection of Old Farm road and Noriega road.

To report traffic issues to the Bakersfield Police Department call the traffic unit at 661-326-3882. The Bakersfield Police Department is also asking the public to give specifics when reporting an issue including the days of week and times.


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