Bakersfield police investigate possible sexual assault case at rehab center

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Police are currently investigating an alleged rape case at a local rehab center.

On May 14, officers with the Bakersfield Police went to the Rehabilitation Center of Bakersfield found at 2211 Mt. Vernon Avenue.

Police Sergeant Joe Grubbs said staff conducting room checks made a disturbing discovery.

"They were doing their rounds and observed what they thought was a sexual assault and called us," said Grubbs.

Grubbs said a male resident at the skilled nursing facility sexually assaulted another elderly female resident.

Staff members were able to stop the attack immediately and the woman was not injured.

Grubbs said it was an isolated case and investigators do not believe there are any additional victims.

Grubbs says its was the quick action of staff that prevented the situation from being worse.

"I think it speaks well to the staff there that the staff observed, that they're doing their job and keeping an eye on their patients and observed this so i think that speaks well of the staff," said Grubbs.

BPD plans to send the case to the District Attorney's office for review and to possibly file a criminal complaint.

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