Bakersfield police ram down door of wrong apartment in search for a suspect

BAKERSFIELD - Bakersfield Police kicked in the front door of an apartment on Saturday night during a late-night search warrant service.

But the people who live there say they had the wrong address.

Jessica Walker says she was getting ready to take a bath when police pulled down her security door then use the ram on her front door about 11 p.m.

She said she was still nude from the waist up as police charged in and told her to get on the ground.

After police searched the entire apartment they told her they had the wrong address.

Walker lives in apartment A but when police showed her a mug shot of the person they were looking for she said it is the person who lives in apartment B.

Police said Thursday that they did execute the warrant at the wrong address, which had been given to them.

Walker was home with her four kids at the time and says her kids are traumatized from the incident. She says her 7-year-old boy has nightmares and may need counseling to help deal with the trauma.

Walker says police told her they were sorry but she still has significant damage door front door which now will not lock.

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