Bakersfield police release ruling in death of police informant

Officials said one of the men shot and killed by Bakersfield police during a shootout Sept. 16, was a police informant and police have released their rulings regarding the shooting.

Bakersfield Police Officers received information from Jorge Ramirez, 34, that Justin Bryan Harger , 32, of Bakersfield, was in a SUV or Jeep, and was near the area of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel., officials said.

On Sept. 16 officers observed Harger’s vehicle arrive in the parking lot of the hotel and stopped on the vehicle. Harger and Ramirez were inside the vehicle.

Harger and Ramirez both exited the vehicle and Harger opened fire on the officers. Officers returned fire, and both Harger and Ramirez were shot, officials said.

During the exchange of gunfire, an officer was shot in the head and was transported to a local hospital with minor injury. The officer was soon released.

Both Harger and Ramirez died at the scene. 


Officials said Ramirez had worked as a confidential informant one other time.

On December 23, 2013, the Critical Incident Review Board determined that all shots fired by Officers Rick Wimbish, Daniel Brewer, Jess Beagley, Ryan Vaughan and Chad Garrett in the Officer Involved Shooting on September 16, 2013, at 5101 California Ave. were within Department Policy, and were within State and Federal Guidelines. All officers have returned to full-duty. 

Chief Williamson is confident in the Review Board’s findings and the officers’ actions in this incident. Although Chief Williamson will be unavailable for comment this week he will be available late next week to answer questions about this event. 

Chief Williamson has not authorized any personnel to speak on his behalf regarding this incident. 

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