Bakersfield principal shaves head in honor of sixth grader battling cancer

Students also sold bracelets for Ben Martinez

A Bakersfield boy battling cancer is surprised by his entire school as their principal shaves his head, Friday.

Sixth grader Ben Martinez was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Soon after his diagnosis, friends and teachers at Columbia Elementary School came together to show Ben how much he means to them.

The students began to sell bracelets made in honor of Ben that read: “Facing Ben’s Giant”.

That’s when Columbia Elementary School principal, Bill Jager, made a deal with students. If they were able to sell the bracelets and raised at least $3,000 he promised he would shave his head.

“That’s an act of love and kindness,” said Jager.

The students were able to reach their goal. So on Friday morning Principal Jager shaved his head in front of the entire student body including Ben.

“It doesn't heal Ben, but it sure makes the journey a little bit easier because one day he's going to be conquering this giant” said Ben’s mother, Diane Proctor.

"I think they responded well during the haircut and they were giving me a shocka, which is kind of a little symbol at our school to say 'hey, that's cool and that looks good’,” Principal Jager said. 


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