Bakersfield rebate program could be incentive to save water

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The City of Bakersfield’s Water Board is working on how they will spread a $100,000 grant to residents who conserve water.

The Water Board meeting Wednesday approved the plan that will lend money to residents for water-efficient sprinkler nozzles along with conservation kits.

Residents who use Cal Water Company could receive rebates if they install water efficient toilets and washing machines.

For one Bakersfield resident, this opportunity could help her out financially. “We also have my mother's home next door that we help her out with which would be a great help,” Frances Rojas said. Rojas has lived in her home for 59 years and rents out the house next door.

The new process to get your rebate will save you time as well. Rebates will be offered online through the city’s website and might be available soon through their mobile app.

The city is excited about this new program. “To my knowledge this is the first grant the city has received for water conservation, so we're really excited,” Water Resources Director Jason Meadors said.

Plans for the rollout of this rebate program will be announced next week.

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