Bakersfield resident heartbroken after burglary she says started from a Craigslist advertisement

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Cristina Ramirez bought a fixer upper for her parents, and after she tried to get rid of a storage container in the backyard, she lost a lot more than the container she was giving away.

“This used to be a window. They broke in through here and they came down and my kitchen sink used to be here with plumbing,” Ramirez said.

She said two men broke in days after they came to her house to take the container they saw in a Craigslist ad. “It wasn't enough that like out of the goodness of my heart to give somebody that, they had to take more,” Ramirez said.

Thousands of dollars of tools were taken along with two laptops and the kitchen sink, Ramirez said. Now, she has one thing to say to the burglars, “keep everything… I just want my laptop back.”

Ramirez works for a construction company and used the laptop for work. She says there’s a lot of personal information on the computer, like her college degree.

Others have faced similar crimes related to Craigslist. In December of 2013, three men were arrested on charges of armed robbery after an online purchase exchange went south in a public parking lot.

With crimes like these, Sergeant Joe Grubbs is giving this advice, “have people there and try to get some identification or some form of where that person can be tracked down again if they choose to do so later on.”

For now, Ramires will continue working on the house. “It's a gift for my parents... I just got tired of them renting an apartment and not actually owning their own home, so I just bought it for them,” Ramirez said.

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