Foreign student speaks out on human trafficking accusations

Woman suspected of human trafficking

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Gabriela Chevjkova is defending her innocence after a Facebook post accused her of being involved with human trafficking.

Bakersfield residents took to Facebook to express their concern over the door-to-door saleswoman.

In a Facebook post, a resident of Bakersfield said:

"If you see this girl trying to sell you children's books, be careful. She's involved with human trafficking. She wants to know the ages and gender of your kids. Do not give her any info. or anyone for that matter. Call the police."

Chevjkova told 23ABC she saw the post Thursday night after she returned home from work.

"When I saw the post I said wow!" 

Chevjkova traveled from The Czech Republic to Bakersfield as part of a summer work program with the company Southwestern Advantage. Chevjkova is trying to make money for college and told 23ABC the program is very selective. That's why she doesn't understand why she is being accused of human trafficking.

"I didn't know why this started because we're working so hard and I really like these people around here. They are so nice and I am enjoy helping the family with their children and their education," said Chevjkova.

Some mothers 23ABC spoke to said Gabriela asked them a lot of questions about their children and even asked to come inside their home. They were also concerned by the Facebook post.

"There are really a lot of concerns. People just want to know who she is and what they're doing," said concerned parent Renae Osburn.

"It doesn't matter what people will think because they need to know the truth. There is real information so it's up to them if they will get gossip or truth and I can just tell them the truth. I'm doing a summer job and meeting the families," explained Chevjkova.

The Bakersfield Police Department's spokesperson, Michaela Sims, said they have contacted the woman regarding her door-to-door approach.  Sims said the woman had a license to legally be going door-to-door.

A 23ABC viewer sent in a screen shot of the woman's job profile and said 'She isn't a human trafficker.'

Last month, a similar situation happened in Oklahoma. According to News On 6, a Facebook post claiming that young women going door-to-door selling children's books might be involved in human trafficking has gone viral. The post had people in Broken Arrow concerned, the article read. But, as with the Bakersfield situation, local law enforcement in Oklahoma said the 'solicitors have a valid city permit and don't seem to be doing anything illegal.'

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