Bakersfield residents aren't as outspoken on Proposition 8 as they were in the past

Prop. 8 arguments to begin tomorrow in capital

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - With the future of Proposition 8 being decided thousands of miles away, Bakersfield hasn't seen the same amount of debates and protests that led up to the Proposition's vote in 2008.

That doesn't mean people aren't paying attention though.

While the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on Prop. 8 tomorrow, in Bakersfield gay rights activists are hopeful, but know that the high court could go either way.

"If the Supreme Court rules that Prop 8 is constitutional then we are probably stuck with that for some time," said Whitney Weddell.

"That means we will have to double down on our efforts to fight that at a state level and continue to do that state-by-state until the court takes up the issue again in probably 10 or 15 or 20 years and recognizes the error of their ways.  We are hopeful that that isn't the path that we have to take."

The court could also find that the party sponsoring Prop. 8 doesn't have 'standing' or proper grounds for bringing this case forward--which would mean the lower courts ruling of overturning the prop. would stand--Weddell would consider that a victory in her opinion, but not a definite one.

"That would be a victory for California because Prop. 8 would be overturned," said Weddell.  "But the Supreme Court wouldn't have ruled on the constitutionality one way or the other and they may be trying to punt this further down the road so that they can deal with this when public support is a bit higher."

No matter what side of the issue you may fall on, if you're an impatient person, or just ready for a final ruling, don't get too excited just yet.

"For me personally, it's frustrating because we are going to have all the arguments, but then we have to wait and wait and wait for the decision," said Dean Brian Baker of Trinity Episcopal Church.  "There has just been so much waiting and I'm ready for this to be over."

A decision is expected by the end of June.

Tonight those opposing Prop. 8 will join others around the country by hosting a vigil.

"We really just want to be a part of that as a way of just sending sort of national energy towards the Supreme Court," said Baker.  "And saying that we care about this."

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