Bakersfield residents protesting zone change idea

Zone change would mean no new school, more traffic

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Hundreds of Bakersfield residents in several west side neighborhoods are campaigning to prevent the building of a multi housing complex.

From yard signs to banners across fences and signs on backs of a truck, it's obvious residents in neighborhoods along River Run Boulevard are mad.

Black Ops Real Estate recently bought a 12-acre parcel near the corner of River Run Boulevard and Ming Avenue and applied for a zone change from single family homes to a multi family complex so that they can build a 150 unit housing complex next spring. 

Amy Barks and other residents of adjacent Seven Oaks, Grand Island, and River Oaks neighborhoods are campaigning against it.

"They're upset now that it's gone from an elementary school to a possible apartment complex in a primarily single family residential area," said Barks.

Residents have put out signs, petitioned and collected nearly 700 signatures so far.  They have many concerns including an increase in traffic and drop in home value.

The neighborhoods message to the City Planning Commission and City Council: Keep it zoned the way it is now.

Residents plan to attend a March 21, planning commission meeting and rally outside city hall beforehand.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 21, at 5:30 p.m.

For more information on the No Zone Change rally, go to .

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