Bakersfield teenager: First person to get drafted into the Western Hockey League in Kern County

Brayden has been skating since he was 2 yrs. old

BAKERSFIELD, Calif - A local teenager made Kern County history after being drafted in the third round of the Western Hockey League hockey draft.

"Yeah, it's amazing. I actually didn't know I was the first one in Kern County , so it's a great feeling," 15-year-old Brayden Watts said.

And it's no joke — Watts is the first person from Kern County to ever accomplish such a feat.

Brayden has been skating since he was two-and-a-half years old and has been playing hockey since he was five. He has played both for the Bakersfield Dragons and the Arizona Bobcats AAA teams. Now, he can add another team to the list as he has been drafted by the Moose Jaw Warriors all the way up north, in Canada!

Scott Hay, director of the Bakersfield Ice Center said Watts' natural talent on the ice will be a contributing factor on the bright future ahead of him.

"He's been one of those kids that, it came pretty ease to him right from a young age," Hay said. "The puck always seems to find him on the ice, he had great vision on the ice and he's, you know, naturally gifted as putting the hard work in." 

Despite a minor setback of not being able to play legally for the Warriors until he reaches the age of 16, Watts will continue to play with the Bobcats until his next birthday. 


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