Bakersfield teens promote scootering around the community

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A group of local teens are hoping to boost the popularity of scootering in Bakersfield. 

Recently the city granted scooter riders permission to legally ride at the community's skate parks. 

"Well several times we had been here the police would come and tell us that we couldn't be here so we were forced to leave, but when the signs were changed it really showed us we were being recognized for what we do," said John Hupert, a scooter rider at the skate park. 

So far three local boy have been sponsored for riding their scooters and they're hoping the community will open their eyes to the new sport. 

"It's important for more people to be aware that scooter is a sport and give them more praise and encouragement for what they're doing," said Susie Harris, the mother of Colton Harris who is who a sponsored scooter rider. 

Dozens of these boys will be at the skate park at Beach Park at 1 p.m. on Sunday to show off their skills. 

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