Bakersfield veterans honored on the 60th Anniversary of Korean War Armistice

Ceremony held at Jastro park commemorated veterans

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It has been 60 years since North and South Korea signed an agreement that ended combat in the Korean War. Today, across the country people remembered those who lost their lives and honored those who served in this war.

In Bakersfield, a ceremony sponsored by The Korean American Association of Bakersfield honored local vets. 

Val Garcia served in the Korean War and can still remember this day 60 years ago. 

"We were all happy, because we were coming home, and it was the duty to serve our country and we were there to help," said Garcia.

But for Garcia, this day is more than just getting his service honored. It is about remembering his brother. 

"I lost a brother in Korea. And it brings a lot of memories, so that is why I kind of get emotional at times, because I remember."

Names of people who lost their lives in the war were read at the ceremony. 

"That to me was a privilege," said Garcia after he got to read his brothers name in front of the crowd. 

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