Bakersfield vice principal Donald Ricketts sentenced for lewd acts with a minor

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A former vice principal who molested an under-age girl was sentenced Wednesday.

Fairfax Middle School vice principal Donald Ricketts pleaded no contest to committing lewd and lascivious acts with a girl, a minor, he knew through Fairfax Assembly of God Church.

Judge John Brownlee said the sentence of three years in state prison is not a message to the community, by justice for the victims.

"Even during the act and after the act, the sorrow, the remorse is there," said defense attorney Kyle J. Humphrey. "And now it's compounded by not fear for himself or sorrow for himself but looking at the devastation that it's brought everybody that he cares about."

READ | Former Fairfax Middle School Vice Principal Donald Rickett pleads no contest to lewd acts with minor:

Two more victims came forward with accusations. In the police reports, one of the girls said Ricketts kissed her on the mouth at least once. Another girl said Ricketts touched her breasts on six occasions and touched her genitals on three occasions.

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