Bakersfield woman aims to break world records while promoting fitness

Woman's own struggles led her to chase this goal

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Bakersfield teacher is on a mission to educate young people about nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle.  The lesson involves a popular video game and a quest to break a world record.

Carrie Swidecki is teaching students around Kern County a valuable lesson.

“Video games are the technology of today and every household has a console. They can actually make you physically fit and very strong. I only train off dance video games and I’m able to dance 24 to 48 hours and I lost a tremendous amount of weight,” she said.

She’s using her own story to inspire others and hopefully motivate them to become physically active.

“I love it.  13 years ago, I was 210 pounds plus I was 18-20 and I discovered dance video games and it changed my life,” she said.

After losing 75 pounds, her only desire was to start breaking world records to show young people video games can not only be used to entertain, but to get fit.

“You know, you move your entire body. You got your arms swinging around; you’re moving in a circle, jumping up and down half the time,” said volunteer, Jacob Terrazas.

Swidecki is hoping to beat the Guinness book of World Records for longest marathon on a motion sensing dance game and the longest on a dance/rhythm game.  It’s a goal of playing more than 24 hours straight.

“It’s a dance party game for friends and family alike to kind of just have and you know move around, hang out. You know, it’s a real energetic game,” he said.

Once time is up, Swidecki and her crew will take her notes and video tape and submit it in. The team won’t know for several weeks if they broke any record.

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