Bakersfield woman attacked by pit bull during seizure

Family dog attacks woman during seizure

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A woman having a seizure was attacked by the family pit bull Wednesday morning, officials said.

Kern Animal Control, Kern County Fire and Kern County Sheriff's Department officials were called out at about 9 a.m. to a home in northwest Bakersfield after a 911 call was received about a woman being attacked by a dog.

Ryan Dunbier, Senior Deputy KCSO, said that 2 women, ages 21 and 22, were in their home in the 1900 block of Katherine Drive when one of the women started having a medical emergency.

The victim told 23ABC that she was having a seizure when the dog attacked.

The owner of the dog told 23ABC that his significant other went to the woman who was having a seizure. The man told 23ABC that the dog thought they were fighting and attacked them.

Dunbier confirmed the story about the pit bull attacking the women as the medical emergency was happening.

The woman was able to get the dog and put the dog in another room, the owner told 23ABC. The victim said the woman broke her arm in the process.

After the woman's seizure was over, she was in a daze, the dog's owner told 23ABC. The victim unknowingly opened the door where the dog was and was brutally attacked again, according to the dog's owner and the victim.

During the attack, the victim's step mother was able to make it across the street to call for help, Dunbier said.

Both women suffered severe lacerations to their arms and were taken to the Kern Medical Center for treatment.

Animal Control has taken custody of all three family dogs and are currently investigating the attack.

The victim of the seizure and attack said the dog was not friendly. She said the dog had attacked her before.

The owner of the dog said that the dog has always been around children and has never been a problem. He said they are putting the dog down, but he wants his other dogs back as they weren't even in the house during the attack.

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