Bakersfield woman uses service dog to help meter blood sugar levels

Nearly 26 million people in America have diabetes

Nearly 26 million people across America have been diagnosed with diabetes. Those people are used to managing tools like needles, insulin and monitors. But there are other options that are more accurate and much more friendly. 
Patti Kasper has been diabetic since she was only two, so she has used plenty of these tools. According to her, "you had to boil the syringes in water every time you had to do an injection."
Her latest tool though, is her puppy black lab, Tzaylie. She is a trained service dog that Kasper got through company called Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. Tzaylie is able to sniff when Kasper's blood sugar levels change. 
"She taps me, and then that's her way of telling me, mom, you need to check your sugar. Then I ask what I am, if she taps me again, then I know that my sugar is high and out of range. If she nudges me with her nose, then I know I am going down," explained Kasper. 
Tzaylie alerts Kasper multiple times a day when her sugar is low or high. In just one year, Kasper says that Tzaylie has saved her life close to a dozen times. 
"All the times she has alerted me that I would have died, if she hadn't been with me. I'm absolutely convinced, I can't imagine this disease without her," she said.
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