Bakersfield World War II veteran and Prisoner of War gives teens history lesson

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It is hard for World War II veteran, Jim Wilson, to recall his days in the Army. 

"When I got there I remember being in like a dungeon and people walking buy and spitting on us. Then I went from there to Italy and I don't remember that," Wilson said. 

He fought during World War II in the 1st Infantry Division, but he was also held prisoner by the German army for two and a half years. 

"It reminds me of things that should not have happened, that did happen and so many bad things happened, but some of the good things happened, like freeing 50 million people," remembers Wilson. 
Although Wilson does not like to talk about his experiences he knows it is important to teach younger generations about American history. That is why Wilson spent Saturday speaking to a group of Lamont teenagers that are in the Sheriff's Activities League. 
"A lot of things I haven't heard in text books or heard at all really, I think more people should hear from veterans cause a lot of things aren't told and they should be," said Sofia Perez, who listened to Wilson speak.
After learning that the 91-year-old veteran had not visited the World War II memorial in Washington D.C., the teens decided they would start to raise money to help send him and his wife. 
"We need to take care of our veterans, so, one thing I'm working with Congressman David Valadeoand his representatives is to get him to Washington D.C.," said Sheriff's Activities League coordinator David Lidgett. 
If you would like to help Wilson and his wife get to the memorial contact Lidgett at (661)868-5777 or email him at 
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