Bakersfield's sister city garden completes second phase

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Two brand new gardens were officially added to Bakersfield's sister city project along Mill Creek Wednesday.

Phase Two was unveiled in a special ceremony with Mayor Harvey Hall and other city leaders.

This phase is to represent of Santiago de Queretero, Mexico and Amritsar, India. Each garden represents a little part of that particular city.

"So, in Amritsar, we have a big temple and so we tried to make a little duplication of the temple," said Dianne Hoover, Director of Recreation and Parks. "In Queretero we have the aqueduct system. We have the other three sister cities, one from China, Korea and of course Japan, our oldest sister city and it just means we have a great diversity of residents in this community."

Each of the sister-city gardens also contains a seating area and plants and architectural structures.

The city is also in the process of installing informational plaques about each city.

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